Category: Second Fridays

March CCS Friday – The Ecology of Faith Formation

Video from the March 15 online conversation about faith formation and the Presence Project with UCC growth animator Greg Smith-Young.

January CCS Friday – Artificial Intelligence and Pastoral Care

On Jan 26 we hosted an online discussion about how social robots and therapeutic chatbots are already being used in mental health care and the implications this has for the future of pastoral and spiritual care.

December CCS Friday – Youth, Climate Action, and Mental Health

On Friday, Dec 8 we hosted an online discussion of youth, climate, and mental health with our special guest Amy Crawford.

November CCS Friday – Loneliness in Ministry

On Friday, November 10 we hosted an online discussion of coping with loneliness and isolation. Our guest was Tracy Fairfield.

December CCS Friday – Lambeth Learnings

On Dec 2 we hosted an online discussion of the 2022 Lambeth Conference.

Video – UCC Delegation to China – January Second Fridays

Sharon Wilson and Maylanne Maybee discuss their recent trip on behalf of the United Church to visit Christians in China.

VIDEO – November Second Fridays – Bev Ridd and Dianne Cooper on Peace

Bev Ridd and Dianne Cooper reflect on the hope and the struggle for peace.

Bending the System as Far as It Can Go

At the last Second Fridays, people who were at the UCC General Council discussed what made it both exciting and frustrating.

VIDEO – May Second Friday – Rob & Keiko Witmer on Solidarity with the Ainu

In May Rob & Keiko Witmer spoke to us about their work with the aboriginal people of northern Japan.

VIDEO – March Second Fridays – Leah Gazan – We Care

Video from March’s Second Fridays with Leah Gazan discussing missing and murdered indigenous women, and the #We Care campaign.

VIDEO from February Second Fridays – Kelly Bernardin-Dvorak

February’s 2nd Fridays guest was Kelly Bernardin-Dvorak, exploring “Decolonization through Dialogue and Creativity.”

VIDEOS – Second Fridays with Niigaan Sinclair

Videos of January’s Second Fridays guest speaker – Niigaan Sinclair

Video – Second Fridays – All My Relations

Video from October’s Second Friday with elder Peter Atkinson exploring the theme “All My Relations.”

Second Fridays – The Context of the Land

Videos from September’s Second Fridays with Stan McKay and Melanie Kampen on the context of the land.

Videos from March’s Second Fridays – Reconciliation

Stefan Richard and Steve Heinrichs reflect on the meaning of Reconciliation at the March Second Fridays gathering.