Continuing Studies

Apply to be a Continuing Studies student, and you can register for theme learning circles with a mix of full-time and continuing studies students – reading, discussing, exploring, connecting.


Our continuing studies learning experiences provide an integrated, grounded opportunity to step away from the day-to-day to be fed and renewed.  Each learning circle provides opportunity for deepening, for connection and holds relevance to life and work in ministry. They are at once soul-filling, spiritual and practical.

From six-day theme circles to the 12-day Learning on Purpose, participants find themselves in a  focused environment of spiritual and enriched learning.

The CCS learning methodology is both collaborative and self-reflective, engaging body as well as heart and mind.  Readings are drawn from a breadth of sources to provide a foundation for rich exploration within the learning community.  Learners are not told what to believe, but invited by the diversity of the students present to challenge assumptions and broaden understanding.

Lay leaders find CCS learning circles both rigorous and invitational. Even those new to theology find their insights welcomed.

Visit the Courses and Circles page for a list of upcoming courses and learning circles.

CCS theme learning circles are 6-day in-person intensives (or 8-10 week online courses), exploring various themes in ministry and faith-based leadership and action.  Learning circles include readings, assignments, and group work.  Each year two in-person Learning Circles are offered back-to-back in the fall, and two back-to-back in the spring.

Online learning circles run for six weeks and include bi-weekly video-conference sessions and various online and offline activities.

Online Mini-courses

For a taste of CCS learning at your own pace, you can take short online courses on the CCS Action-Reflection Spiral or an introduction to Giving and Receiving Feedback. We also have the online Alumni Reading Circle, for graduates and diaconal mentors who want to know what CCS students are reading in their circles these days or who want to keep learning, reflecting, and exposing themselves to new ideas. The cost for access to an online mini-courses is $50. (Alumni Reading Circle is complimentary for diaconal mentors.)