Video – Second Fridays – All My Relations

Video – Second Fridays – All My Relations

Anishinabe elder Peter Atkinson explored the theme “All My Relations” with us on Friday, October 10, 2015 for Second Fridays.

(Videographer notes: The videos for 2nd Fridays are nothing fancy. I mostly try to keep the focus on what our invited guests are saying, maybe adding a helpful graphic or two in post-production but that’s about it.  That said, I will usually zoom in and out at least a bit, to keep up with when people use their hands to talk or reference something nearby.  However, with Peter all I did was press Record and Stop.  He was almost mesmerizingly still, focused.  If you hear the occasional crackling on the video, that was Peter’s grand-daughter having a snack from Tim Horton’s.  She was very patient and we were happy to have her in our circle along with Peter.)

peter_atkinsonPeter Atkinson (Lowcloud) is an Anishinabe elder and member of the Treaty Relations Commission of Manitoba‘s Speaker’s Bureau.  Also known as Daabaasanaqwat ‘Lowcloud’ of the Turtle Clan, he resides in his Ojibway home community of Baagwaanish Giiziibii (Ragweed River) aka Roseau River Anishinabe Nation. He speaks and understands his Ojibway language, and stands as a third-degree Midewiwin at the Minnweyweygaan lodge in Roseau.  Lowcloud is presently the Head Spokesperson of the Fish Clan and is very knowledgeable in the original form of Anishinabe Governance: the Clan System.  His work involves ceremonies and spiritual help for his Anishinabe relatives near and far, including: sweat lodges, spirit naming, clan retrieval, cleansing of homes, sundance,  presentations to universities and schools on cultural awareness, treaties, languages, traditional camp for young Anishinabe, spirituality teachings and encouraging all Anishinabe Nations to understand and practice all the gifts that Gichi-Manidoo has given them.

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