CCS offers a 2-week leadership development event (perfect for continuing education and improving your ministry skills); year-long certificate courses in Pastoral Care, Educational Ministry, and Social Ministry; and a four-year diaconal training program for individuals wishing to go into diaconal ministry.

  • Download the CCS Program Placemats. (The “placemats” – so called because the originals are large laminated pieces of paper – are used in orientation sessions as a visual aid in explaining how the various elements in the diaconal minstry training program relate to each other.)
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Learning on Purpose

  • A two-week course on how to be an effective and transformative leader in the church.
  • Can be taken as a stand-alone course or as part of the CCS Diaconal Program.  (It is a prerequisite for any of the CCS Theme Years.)

Theme Years (3)

  • Three year-long courses offered on a rotating basis:
    • Pastoral Care – offered 2017-2018, 2020-2021…
    • Social Ministry – offered 2018-2019, 2021-2022…
    • Educational & Liturgical Ministry – offered 2016-2017, 2019-2020…
  • Each Theme Year consists of 2 two-week Learning Circles (Fall and Spring), an 8-month (500 hrs) field placement, and assignments.
  • Theme Years can be taken individually for a Certificate (eg. Certificate in Pastoral Care) or as part of the full Diploma in Diaconal Ministry program.
  • Prerequisite: Learning on Purpose (aka Leadership Development Module)

External Courses

  • Students are required to complete 8 academic courses at an outside educational institution (eg. St. Stephen’s College, University of Winnipeg, Vancouver School of Theology, etc.)
  • Can be taken any time prior to Integrating Year. (Courses must be approved by CCS program staff.)
  • Courses topics include Bible (Hebrew Scriptures and Christian Scriptures), Theology, Church History, and Christian Ethics.
  • Prerequisite: Determined by external institution.

Integrating Year

  • A year-long course; the final stage of the Diploma Program.
  • The Integrating Year consists of 2 two-week Learning Circles (Fall and Spring), assignments, and 8-12 hsr/wk on an individual learning plan designed by the student.
  • Prerequisite: All 3 Theme Years, a minimum of 6 (preferred 8) completed external courses

Global Perspective Experience

  • A 2-4 week learning trip to the two-thirds world, organized by the student.
  • An opportunity to learn about the culture and issues affecting another part of the world, and to connect with local organizations working for change.
  • Usually taken as part of the Integrating Year.
  • Prerequisite: All 3 Theme Years

Reflection Year (optional)

  • Students may take one or more Reflection Years at any point in their studies, to work on External Courses, complete outstanding assignments, or follow another interest.
  • Many students take a Reflection Year prior to beginning Theme Years and/or after Theme Years and before the Integrating Year.
  • Prerequisite: None.