Farewell Picnic for Lori

Lori with a cake reading "Happy Retirement Lori"

Farewell Picnic for Lori

After ten years as CCS’s Development Coordinator, Lori Stewart is retiring in June. During her time in the role Lori has been a key part of building and maintaining the CCS community.

Thank you to everyone who attend Lori’s farewell picnic on Tuesday, June 11, at 5:30pm in Assiniboine Park, Winnipeg. It was cloudy all day, but just in time for the picnic the sun came out! (The mosquitoes came out too, but you can’t have everything.) Thank you Yvonne, Mona, and Alcris for all of your organizing.

And thank you to everyone who joined us online earlier in the afternoon to wish Lori well. It was a good day of community and appreciation.

Farewell picnic for Lori Stewart as she retires from CCS.
People from around the country gathered online to wish Lori well in her retirement.

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