Imagine Church Differently.

What’s Your Perspective?

Surveys will be going out as part of our strategic planning process.

October CCS Friday – Diakonia During Climate Change

Join us on Friday, October 27, 2023 at noon (Winnipeg time) for an online discussion of climate change and how to respond as faith-filled individuals and as ministers.

Images from Fall Integration Circle 2023

Students in the 23-24 Integration Year were in Winnipeg for their fall learning circle.

Make Christ’s love known by word and example

Ministering by Word and Example, a course about being an Anglican deacon, returns this fall.

UCC Admissions Orientation 2023

Ministers from other denominations are learning about the United Church and the Canadian context at CCS.

Gathered At The River – DOTAC 2023

Lori and Marcie share their experiences from the 2023 DOTAC Conference

“As One Who Serves” – CCS Companion of the Centre

Who’s your diaconal hero? Who has inspired you with their compassionate care, or their courageous social justice work, or their transformative education?

Becoming Mitch

CCS student Mitch Creedy reflects on their journey of gender identity and spirituality.

Story and Spirituality at CCS this Fall

Continuing education opportunities in October!

2023 Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to recipients of CCS scholarships this year.

Images from Learning on Purpose 2023

We are in the middle of the 2-week Learning on Purpose course.

It Has Fulfilled Its Purpose

Ensuring that Anglican deaconess history is remembered accurately.

ReDi Conference in Oslo

Marcie Gibson attended the international conference on Diaconia and Christian Social Practice in Norway.

Looking to the Future

CCS is happy to working with Julie Ng-Leung on developing a new strategic plan.

Images from Ministry as Listening 2023

From May 7 to June 13, 2023 four diaconal ministry students and two continuing studies participants took part in the Ministry as Listening learning circle, focussing on spiritual care through …