Images from Learning on Purpose 2024

Images from Learning on Purpose 2024

Learning on Purpose is in its second week at Merging Waters United Church in beautiful Ste Anne-de-Bellevue, QC, on the edge of Montreal. Seven participants from various places across Canada are exploring faith-filled leadership and learning in community. A number of them will carry on into the Diaconal Ministries program at CCS, while others will take their learning from the LoP and use it in their home communities and congregations. “What a great group of people!” says Marcie Gibson who is co-facilitating with Alcris Limongi. CCS student (and minister at Merging Waters) Lisa Byer-de Wever is serving as chaplain.

Last week the group explored learning styles and were introduced to the CCS action-reflection Spiral. They practiced giving and receiving feedback, and started to engage questions of theology, pastoral care, education, and social justice. This week they are sharing their individual faith journeys and digging deeper into contextual theology, biblical interpretation, and diaconal perspectives. They had a picnic with diaconal folks from the Montreal and Ottawa regions. At the end of the week the participants will be leading sessions on group dynamics and dealing with conflict.

“This has been a spiral indeed!” says Siobhan. “A fluid motion of safety, self-discovery and reflection. The humility and love of the circle has embraced me. And the humour and energy is amazing…I am excited to follow the spiral path.”

Vanessa feels the same. “Learning on Purpose gives you such a deep sense of connection to the skills and ideas you are learning about. You learn in community and through your community. Learning together in the circle is like nothing else! I wish I’d come across this method of learning sooner.”

“What an inspiring, thought-provoking, spirit-filled and spirit-led 12 days!” says Sarah. “I am fundamentally changed!”

Thank you Merging Waters (Union Church) for welcoming us into your space, and to all the participants who are taking this transformative journey with us.

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