VIDEO from February Second Fridays – Kelly Bernardin-Dvorak

On Friday, February 13, 2015 our Second Fridays guest was Kelly Bernardin-Dvorak, exploring the topic of decolonization through dialogue and creativity.  Kelly is also inviting interested participants for the next round of her sharing circle/art project.

Kelly Bernardin-DvorakKelly Bernardin-Dvorak is a Winnipegger who has spent the past 15 years developing her North End and Inner City roots – though she grew up rurally in her home community of St. Eustache, MB and in the urban jungles of Charleswood and St. James. Her graduate/seminary studies fostered an interest in the intersections between faith, justice, and the arts, which resulted in a 2012 thesis project aimed at learning about decolonization through dialogue and creativity. Kelly and her family live in community with many interesting and wonderful people of all ages at Flatlanders Inn on Main St., where she and her partner are part of the volunteer leadership team. Kelly is active in community development, and has a particular interest in housing, poverty reduction and social enterprise initiatives.  Kelly does Family Therapy work with the AFM and with Winnipeg Narrative Therapy.  You can get in touch with Kelly through Jonah Counselling & Consulting.