Second Fridays – The Context of the Land

Videos from September’s Second Fridays with Stan McKay and Melanie Kampen on the context of the land.

Music – Image – Sabbath

Ann Naylor’s sabbatical focused on the significance of image, music, and sabbath.

pecha kucha?

CCS Pecha Kucha

Video from the CCS presentation at BC Conference

Deaconess Vera

Because They Married

Ted Dodd, Caryn Douglas, and others lead a worship, lament, and apology to women who were “disjoined” from paid ministry because they got married

Graduation 2014

Seven students graduated from the Centre for Christian Studies last weekend. VIDEO

Videos from March’s Second Fridays – Reconciliation

Stefan Richard and Steve Heinrichs reflect on the meaning of Reconciliation at the March Second Fridays gathering.

Second Fridays

Videos from February’s Second Fridays – Community

Join us this Friday for the next in our Second Fridays series of noon-hour presentations and discussions, this month exploring the theme of “Community” with guest presenters Mary Coswin and Karen Jolly.

Videos from January’s Second Fridays – Respect

Doug McMurtry and Adrian Jacobs inspired us with their wise and insightful commentary on the concept of Respect.

Videos from December’s Second Fridays – Music and Faith

Charlotte Caron and Barbara Barnett struck a number of chords with the audience during their reflections on Music and Faith at the Second Fridays / Cookies and Carols gathering on Friday, December 13, 2013.

Videos from November’s Second Fridays – The Arts and Social Justice

Fenella Temmerman and Bob Haverluck inspired us with images of wholeness and resistance as they explored the use of art in social change, awareness, and justice at the November 8, 2013 Second Fridays at CCS.

Hospitality and the Arts – videos from October’s Second Fridays

Jamie Howison and barb janes provided intriguing images of what the relationship between the church, the world, and the arts could be at October’s Second Fridays presentation on October 11, 2013.

Humour and Faith – videos from September’s Second Fridays

Last Friday the room was full of people eager to discuss the relationship between humour and faith. Lesley Harrison and Scott Douglas offered reflections that were both funny and faithful.

Videos from March’s Second Friday – Multiculturalism

Videos from CCS’s monthly noon-hour presentation and discussion on theological themes on March 8, 2013.
Topic – Theology of Diversity, Multiculturalism
Speakers: Evelyn Broadfoot and Diane Dwarka

Video from Interfaith Dialogue – 2nd Fridays at CCS

CCS’s monthly noon-hour presentation and discussion on theological themes.
Februrary’s topic – Theology of Diversity, Interfaith Dialogue
Speakers: Ray Dirks and Manju Lodha

Second Fridays

Ecumenical Connections – 2nd Fridays videos

Michèle Barr and Virginia Platt reflect on practical ecumenism. Videos from CCS’s noon-hour presentation on Theology of Diversity – Ecumenical Connections.