Second Fridays – The Context of the Land

Videos from September’s Second Friday!

Second Fridays at CCS is back for its third year, and once again we are partnering with the Sandy Saulteaux Spiritual Centre to bring you aboriginal and non-aboriginal voices addressing themes of spiritual and political importance to us all.

On Sept. 12th we were invited to re-connect our faith to our natural context, the land.  Melanie Kampen unpacked the biblical image of “living water” and Stan McKay encouraged us to move beyond an anthropocentric theology that is like a potted plant, never rooting itself in its natural setting.  Through storytelling and exegesis, Melanie and Stan sparked deep reflection on “The Context of the Land.Continue reading “Second Fridays – The Context of the Land”

Music – Image – Sabbath

Ann Naylor was on sabbatical from April to August this year.  During her time away from CCS she explored the use of image in theological education, the role of music in building justice-seeking community, and the place of sabbath in a life of spiritual balance.  Her presentation to the rest of the CCS staff on her return took the form of a powerpoint slideshow incorporating some video clips and some music.  Much of the presentation is silent, inviting a contemplative reflection appropriate to the theme of sabbath. Continue reading “Music – Image – Sabbath”