Video from Interfaith Dialogue – 2nd Fridays at CCS

Video from Interfaith Dialogue – 2nd Fridays at CCS

The topic for Februrary’s Second Fridays presentation was Theology of Diversity, Interfaith Dialogue with guest speakers Ray Dirks and Manju Lodha.  Here’s some video from that noon-hour discussion. (Note: My camera conked out about halfway through, so you’ll notice that the second half is shot on a cell phone.)

Be sure to check out March’s Second Fridays on Friday, March 8 at noon at CCS.  The topic is multiculturalism and the theology of diversity.

Ray Dirks has been curator at the Mennonite Heritage Centre Gallery since 1998. He believes artists need a place of relevance in the church and believes the gallery, as an institution of the church, can have an important role in an increasingly multicultural society. Having worked in 30 countries, he is passionate about telling the stories of our global family.

Manju Lodha was raised in the culturally rich area of Rajasthan in India, and has lived in Canada for over forty years. The resultant Indo-Canadian fusion is quite visible in her art where elements of prairie life, winter snow, Canada Geese, Rocky Mountains and the Winnipeg River merge with Indian scenery. As an artist
Manju has painted many works based on such contemporary themes as water, environment, peace, war, tolerance, non-violence and multicultural cooperation.
Ray Dirks and Manju have collaborated on projects since 2006. For one project “In the Spirit of Humanity”, they worked with a Muslim artist, which resulted in a book and a short video. In 2012, Ray and Manju produced as creative co- directors the film project Leap in Faith: Glimpses of Spirituality and Beliefs.

Download the Jan-March Second Fridays brochure.