Videos from December’s Second Fridays – Music and Faith

Charlotte Caron and Barbara Barnett struck a number of chords with the audience during their reflections on Music and Faith at the Second Fridays / Cookies and Carols gathering on Friday, December 13, 2013.  Charlotte focused on the role of music in worship, and how Christmas carols fit in.  Barbara looked at music in terms of silence, breath, and embodiment.

Following the presentations and discussion, we sang Christmas songs new and old, sipped cider and noshed on cookies, enjoyed a “Twelve Days of CCS” parody by Maureen McCartney and a moving version of “I Wondered As I Wandered” by Tim Sale.


Charlotte Caron is an theological educator, former acting principal of CCS, former professor of pastoral theology and co-president of St. Andrew’s College, and a scholar in the areas of feminist theology, worship, disability and feminism.  She is the author of “Eager for Worship: Theologies, practices, and perspectives on worship in the United Church of Canada.”  She is also an avid birdwatcher.

Barbara Barnett has been a long-time collaborator and organizer around the music of Carolyn McDade, a certified Labyrinth facilitator, and a director of Spiritual Care at Deer Lodge Centre.

Cookies and Carols at CCS
Cookies and Carols at CCS