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Building a More Diverse Family

This is an excerpt from the book Times and Tides: BC Conference — an overview 1970–2017.  The chapter “Building a More Diverse Family” was written by CCS Communications staff person, Kimiko Karpoff.  …

Anarchist Priest – Living in the tension

By Gwen McAllister Not long ago at St. Matthew’s Anglican Church where I am priest, a friend and parishioner good-naturedly called me out as a hypocrite: “You preach against hierarchy, …

A Place of Dignity

When I reach Don Evans he’s in a hotel room in Portugal. He’s just woken up from a nap after spending the day touring therapeutic communities for people addicted to …

CCS welcomes new staff!

When CCS embarked on a program review and redesign in 2015, there was no specific intent to roll out a newly designed program immediately. With the program staff team down …

We Honour Women

In celebration of International Women’s Day.

Top Ten CCS Stories of 2015

The most popular news items on the website, based on views.

2015 Field Orientations

CCS students are starting their social ministry field placements.

“I Was Union”

In celebration of the UCC’s 90th anniversary, some stories from Florence Karpoff’s time in deaconess training ninety years ago.

What Do Women In Ministry Look Like?

The Calendar Revs use provocation and humour to challenge assumptions about how a woman minister should look.

pecha kucha?

CCS Pecha Kucha

Video from the CCS presentation at BC Conference

Shrove Tuesday

Three grads and one student from CCS led a Shrove Tuesday service in Burnaby, BC

Truth, Reconciliation, and Cupcakes

“I was there for 13 years. Never got a hug. Never celebrated a birthday.”
And so at every Truth and Reconciliation event, they hold a birthday party and make sure there are enough cupcakes for every person there.

June LDM underway

The June Leadership Development Module is well underway at Woodsworth House in Winnipeg.

ASC Weekend Gallery

Here’s a gallery of some of Kimiko’s photos from the graduation banquet and Annual Service of Celebration.

Help us promote the LDM

Help us spread the word about our Leadership Development Modules this summer by downloading our ad and sending it someone you think would benefit from a transformational education opportunity.