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Anarchist Priest – Living in the tension

By Gwen McAllister Not long ago at St. Matthew’s Anglican Church where I am priest, a friend and parishioner good-naturedly called me out as a hypocrite: “You preach against hierarchy, …

Neighbours ~ a good Samaritan story by Annika Sangster

CCS grad Annika Sangster has published a delightful retelling of the story of the Good Samaritan called Neighbours. We recently talked about the genesis of the book and gaining the …

Kay Pearson

The K.P. Room

Who was Kay Pearson?

All About Jim Boyles – Five Decades with CCS

At the upcoming AGM in February, Jim Boyles will be stepping down as co-chair of the CCS Central Council. It seemed like a good time to ask him to recount his long connection with the Centre…

Hey, Don’t I Recognize You?

Not all ministry takes place in a church, as Sharilynn Upsdell, Joan Tuchlinsky, and Ellen Baynton-Walker prove.

Mary Payne in the 50s or 60s standing by a red propeller plane

I’ll Fly Away

Recently deceased alumni Mary Pyne had a spirit that many deaconesses of her generation would resonate with.

Oriole at the dining table talking to two students

All About You – Oriole Veldhuis

CCS Development Coordinator Lori Stewart asked Oriole Veldhuis (graduate of 1961) to lunch with the graduating students last month to tell her story of why she continues to support the Centre for Christian Studies.

All About You – Kathy Platt

Kathy Platt has been serving as chaplain to the Spring Learning Circle for the past three weeks. As the Learning Circle wraps up today, it seems like a good idea to profile Kathy.

Tif McNaughton – World Council of Churches Steward

Tif McNaughton shares her experience as a steward at the recent Assembly of the World Council of Churches and some of her learnings during the Reflection Year

All About – Lois Pollard

Lois Pollard, 91, is a graduate and former librarian of the United Church Training School who followed her calling through books.

Sally Meyer: Getting Things Done

When Sally Meyer needed to get the word out about the needs of the people of Lac Mégantic, she drew on her various networks and connections, including the Centre for Christian Studies community.

“Introducing” Lori Stewart

Lori Stewart is well-known to many in the CCS community. Last month she stepped into a new role: Development Coordinator for the Centre.

Jessie MacLeod recognized as Companion of the Centre

On May 2, 2013 Jessie MacLeod was presented with the Companion of the Centre award by the Centre for Christian Studies at a gathering in Tatamagouche, NS.

CCS Student one of ACGC’s Top 30 Under 30

CCS Student is featured in the Alberta Council for Global Cooperation’s Top 30 Under 30 magazine.

WOMEN! Train today for a challenging job TOMORROW

An article from the United Church Observer in 1958, announcing the recipients of the Kaufman Scholarship, plus an advertisement for the United Church Training School