Top Ten CCS Stories of 2015

Top Ten CCS Stories of 2015

Based on the number of people who came to our website to read a news story, our most popular items of 2015 were:

David-and-Janet10. CCS Hires 2 New Staff – This is big news.  And the story will continue in January when the 2 new Program Staff will actually start work.

9. Social Ministry Learning Circle – Ministry students wrestling with justice issues; What’s not to love? (week 1, 2, and 3)

8. Leah Gazan: We Care – Second Fridays addresses the issue of missing and murdered indigenous women.  Important.

florence-karpoff7. “I Was Union” – Kimiko Karpoff shared part of her oral history from her grandmother, Florence Karpoff, who graduate in 1927.

6. Peterborough LDM – The January 2015 Leadership Development Module didn’t have a huge number of participants, but website visitors seemed interested in them.  Maybe it was their photo with the sign that said “Racism, Sexism, and Homophobia Not Permitted In This Area.”

niigaan-sinclair5. Second Fridays with Niigaan Sinclair – Fascinating insights and stories about Indigenous and non-Indigenous relations, broken up into four bite-sized videos.

4. CCS Receives $7.9 Million From Britain – Always good to check the dates on news stories, especially when they come out around April Fool’s Day.

3. CCS Correspondents at GC – The 2015 United Church General Council as seen by folks in the CCS community.

Ted with picture2. Ted Announces His Retirement – The news story that spawned a year of activity, including various weird and wonderful acknowledgements of Ted Dodd’s contribution to CCS over 17 years.  Including…

1. Thank You Note To Ted – Sure, we at CCS value our justice issues and our theological reflection, but when it comes right down to it, we love our silly.