Diakonia – Serving With Authority

Maylanne Maybee
Maylanne Maybee

Maylanne Maybee has an article on the diaconate in the most recent Rupert’s Land News.

“When speaking of the diaconate, I like to stay with the Greek word diakonia rather than the common translation of “ministry” or “service,” because it has a richer meaning.  The noun form, diakonos, has been linked with konis (dust), suggesting someone who works close to the ground, not as a doormat, but as one whose authority comes from being in touch with what is basic and earthy, who reminds us of the dust of which we are made.”

Deacons are servants, table-waiters, story-tellers, door-keepers, and light-bearers.

Read the whole article at the end of the Rupert’s Land News.