Alive, Alert, Enthusiastic, Awake

Alive, Alert, Enthusiastic, Awake

Seven CCS students enter their final year of studies this year: Ellen Baynton-Walker, Jamie Bradshaw, Barbara Hansen, gwen McAllister, Jacqueline Samson, Kelley Warner, and Kristin Wood.

As part of a session, Kelley Warner invited her student colleagues to integrate quotes from their readings on the biblical/theological character of Sophia (Wisdom) into poems of their own creations…


Spirit of Order/Disorder

Source of all creativity
Holy mystery, holy mischief,
Fire of the intelligent spirit
She hovers like a great mother bird over her egg.

Living presence of powerful, blessing, mystery
Characterized by mutual trust and responsibility

Spark of the divine within,
Giver of life and lover of life.
Gracious compassion and powerful sympathy,
Encompasses the struggling world as a great matrix.

One who holds all things together
Making it possible to cross boundaries.

By Jamie, Gwen and Kristen


Our Companion Sophia

Friends of God,

Spirit of wisdom – Sophia
She empowers Christian mission
All drink of the one Spirit.

The Spirit is the life of all creatures
Alive, Alert, Enthusiastic Awake
One shining light.

Spirit of love and empowerment
Not amenable to human manipulation or exploitation
But partial to freeing captives.

Spirit is the point of light that actually
Arrives and affects the earth
With warmth and energy.

Living God at her closest to the world.

By Barbara, Ellen and Jaqueline


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  1. Barbara Lieurance says:

    Preparing to reflect on Proverbs 8:22-31 – wisdom’s part in creation- I am delighted to read your poetry. Thank you, Barbara Lieurance

  2. Alice Watson says:

    Whoa! What a wonderful IY group! Creative, and, oh! alive, enthusiastic, alert, awake! Blessings and Love! Alice

  3. Scott Douglas says:

    As the IY gang are wrapping up their second week, I think “awake” and “alert” are not the adjectives they’d choose for themselves. Alive though. Definitely alive.

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