Development Lunch

Development Lunch

At this month’s Development Lunch, coordinated by Lori Stewart, the Integrating Year students were joined by Principal, Maylanne Maybee who shared a bit of the vision the Central Council has. We also welcomed Don Thompson, formerly the Academic Advisor on staff at CCS, who dropped by for a visit.

“Development Lunches,” part of every Learning Circle a few years ago, are starting up again after a hiatus. You may wonder, what’s served at a Development Lunch?Bowl_of_chili Well, for starters, there’s chili with lots of toppings like peppers, lettuce, cheese, and sour cream. Next comes some story sharing as we assemble and eat. For the main course there’s a preview of this fall’s fundraising strategy looking at ministry at the edges. And for dessert, some gracious thank you notes handwritten by students to some of our supporters.

This meal is a great way to develop relationships with students, and to encourage them to connect with the people who give generously to CCS so that we can provide bursaries, learning space, and great program staff. One said, “The presentation was really interesting. It provided a context for writing to thank people.” This place thrives on the kindness of our donors. Development Lunches are one way to share the news with students.

Make a special year-end gift to help
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overwhelmed and uncertain.

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