All About You – Mark Laird

All About You – Mark Laird

Mark is a current student in the Diaconal Ministries program at the Centre for Christian Studies.  Mark writes:

“ I don’t need to tell you that the life of a minister can be busy. When you add on a family life, and full time school to your 3-point charge it becomes quite a workload. But I wouldn’t give it up for another career, well maybe a professional baseball player, but that would be it. Going to CCS we learn the history, the theory, and get to expand our theological knowledge. We get to apply skills in a safe environment, where we can make mistakes and grow into becoming great Diaconal Ministers.

However there is one thing that the school can’t get across to its students. And it is not for a lack of trying, but it is impossible for CCS to get across how privileged we are to be ministers.

I don’t mean privileged in the same way that we learn about that word at school, as in being privileged above someone or something else. I mean it in the honor way, as you would say it is a privilege to meet you Mr. Ripken. This has been the major learning that I have had in this my third theme year, my pastoral care year. It is an honor, to be allowed into someone’s home, and to be able to create a sacred space in his or her living room as you celebrate communion together. It is an honor to stand up there with a couple as they profess their love for one another as they get married. It is an honor when a family at a hospital who you have not met before invites to into the room where their father is dying, it is an honor to be accepted into that sacred love that the family has for their dying father. And it is just as much of an honor to be looked upon to help lead families and friends through the grieving process as we lead a funeral or memorial service. I am sure that there will also be the same honor felt when I baptize a baby for the first time.

These are just some of the experiences that I have had this year that have re-enforced in me how privileged I am to be doing this work. How much of an honor it is for all of us as ministers, as ministry students to be allowed into people’s lives in their most intimate moments. This isn’t why I became a minister but I have come to realize that it is one of the most precious aspects of the job for me. May we all be blessed as we move forward with this special occupation that we share.”

CCS student Mark Laird

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  1. kimiko says:

    It is, indeed, an honour, Mark. Thank you.

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