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What the Vultures Know

CCS grad Gwen McAllister reflects on resurrection and the church’s fear of death in the most recent Rupert’s Land News.

Happy Pi Day 2016

It’s Pi day. Here are a couple of yummy pie charts in honour.

We Honour Women

In celebration of International Women’s Day.

Making Connections in China

CCS student Tif McNaughton and principal Maylanne Maybee are currently in China as part of a UCC delegation.

Maylanne preparing for trip to China

Principal Maylanne Maybee will be part of a United Church delegation to China

VIDEO – November Second Fridays – Bev Ridd and Dianne Cooper on Peace

Bev Ridd and Dianne Cooper reflect on the hope and the struggle for peace.

Ted Talks

Ted Dodd was interviewed by Common Threads working group member Jeff Cook. Some snippets.

Slam the Door Open

CCS’s Scott Douglas is also a playwright, and at the United Church General Council last week his play Maybe One?: A Theatrical History of the United Church of Canada was …

Behold I Make All Things New

CCS Correspondents at General Council

We’ve invited a few of our CCS alumni and friends who are currently attending the United Church General Council to send us their impressions…

Learning to Listen – Reflections on being a Chaplain

“Turns out, that trip back to CCS as chaplain was just what I needed,” says Jamie Bradshaw.

“I Was Union”

In celebration of the UCC’s 90th anniversary, some stories from Florence Karpoff’s time in deaconess training ninety years ago.

Irene Rainey – Companion

On April 19, 2015 Irene Rainey was named a Companion of the Centre by the Centre for Christian Studies.

Ted Reflects on Seventeen Years

Ted Dodd discusses what he has loved about his time at the Centre for Christian Studies.

A Thank You Note to Ted

Scott Douglas was asked to say a few words about Ted Dodd at last weekend’s Centre for Christian Studies graduation banquet. There is perhaps a reason he doesn’t often get asked to do this sort of thing.

Blast from the Past

The old CCS building on Charles Street, then and now.