Alan is Leaving CCS

Alan is Leaving CCS

Principal Alan Lai has announced that he is returning to congregational ministry. At last weekend’s Central Council face-to-face meeting the Council received Alan’s resignation and wished him well.

Alan writes:

Dear friends of CCS

I write to inform you that I have resigned my position as the Principal of the Centre for Christian Studies, effective July 1st, 2024. Some of you know that my mother’s health is a recent concern. When she was hospitalized in the beginning of the New Year, the idea of returning home for good entered my mind. Plus, the initial plan of my family relocating to Winnipeg never materialized. After many months of commuting, I think it is time to come home. 

I would like to thank all zealous Winnipeggers for showing me the beauty of this city. Winnipeggers are indeed friendly. And to all the staff, Central Council members, and committee members from across the country, thanks for the experience of working with you. Beginning in July, I will be in congregational ministry in Burnaby.



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  1. Susan Tilleman says:

    I wish you all the best life!
    God’s speed, my friend…❤️

  2. Carolynne Bouey Shank says:

    My goodness Alan it is sad to hear that you are leaving. I missed your phone call once and always hoped that we would connect again. Yes family is important and to be close by. I am retired and live near my children but I know that In the not too distant future I will need to move to an assisted living place and live closer to one of them.

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