CCS Governance

The Centre for Christian studies is governed by a Central Council. (Central Council and Executive Terms of Reference)

CCS Central Council Membership


  • 2 co-chairs
  • 1 secretary (non-elected and non-voting) – The Board may appoint a recording secretary who is an ex officio member of the Board, who shall attend meetings of the Board to record minutes; this person shall be responsible to the co-chairs.
  • Committee Chairs (or designates) from:
    • Program
    • Connections
    • Finance (Treasurer)
  • 2 Diaconal representatives: 1 aluma, 1 student
  • 2 members-at-large
  • 1 staff member (non-voting, appointed annually by the staff)
  • 1 Principal (non-voting)
  • Ex officio Secretary of Theological Education of the United Church of Canada *
  • Ex officio Secretary of Theological Education of the Anglican Church of Canada *
    • *(These latter two members may attend meetings should they choose and may be asked to come in to make a presentation; they are non-voting members; they receive minutes of Board meetings.)

(Up to 12 voting members, at least one of whom is part of the Anglican Church of Canada and at least one of whom is part of the United Church of Canada.)


The Board shall appoint an Executive which shall deal with emergent issues between meetings of the Board.

  • 2 co-chairs
  • Treasurer
  • Any 2 members of Central Council
  • Secretary (non-voting)
  • Principal (non-voting)

Committees and Working Groups

There are three Committees, each with one or more Working Groups. (Committee and Working Group Terms of Reference)

  • Finance Committee
    • Development Working Group
    • Bursary Working Group
    • Property Working Group
  • Program Committee
    • Awards Working Group
  • Connections Group
    • Staff Support Working Group
    • Marketing Working Group
    • Planning & Governance Working Group
    • Volunteer Recruitments & Support Working Group
CCS Committees and Working Groups