You Might Have a Call

You Might Have a Call

Last week we held an online open house for anyone who was curious about CCS, wanted to know more about our program, or were trying to discern what kind of leadership or ministry they might be interested in. It was a lovely group of people.

I was struck by how many had studied or were studying to become Licensed Lay Worship Leaders (LLWLs), and had been told by someone, “I think you could go further. I think you might have a call.” It is important when we see spiritual gifts in somebody – gifts of leadership, gifts of compassion, gifts of wisdom, gifts of faith – that we tell them. That we encourage them. The “call” to leadership and ministry often comes from God through the community.

Do you know someone with gifts to share? Do you know someone who might benefit from something like Learning on Purpose to think about their purpose in the world? Do you know someone who might thrive in CCS’s learning-in-community? Tap them on the shoulder! Let them know what you see. Tell them they might have a call.

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