CCS is sustained by more than a hundred volunteers who serve on committees and working groups, mentor and support students, represent CCS in the world, and step in to lend a hand when needed.

If you are interested in offering your time and skills to the ongoing work of CCS, please contact us – info@ccsonline.ca .



And to those who are volunteering, THANK YOU!

Volunteer Opportunities

Committees and Working Groups

The Centre for Christian Studies has a Central Council as well as various committees and working Groups.

Resource People

CCS often draws on the wisdom of the larger church community by inviting people with expertise or experience in a certain area to act as resource people. Resource people might facilitate a workshop or theme session, support a group of students designing a student-led project or session, or provide pastoral support and theological reflection to the Learning Circle.

Field Placement Volunteers

As part of their learning, diaconal students take part in 3 eight month field placements.  During a field placement each student spends a minimum of 12 hours a week working/learning in a supervised ministry setting (from September to April). In addition to the hours spent in ministry in the placement, the student meets for the equivalent of one hour per week with a Learning Facilitator, meets six times during the placement with a Local Committee, and spends the equivalent of ½ day per month with a diaconal/vocational mentor. (More info about Field Placements…)

Learning Facilitators

A Learning Facilitator is someone who can reflect with the student on the practice of ministry (or issues related to work of the placement) and who is available on-site or close by to work with the student to provide support, direction and helpful feedback – for an equivalent of one hour per week.

There are resources related to the Learning Facilitator in the Student Kit .  See “The Learning Faciltator” in the section of the Student Kit on Field Placements.

Local Committee

The Local Committee is made up of four or five people from the setting or community willing to meet regularly with the student to provide feedback and support.

There are resources related to the Local Committees in the Student Kit .  See “The Local Committee” in the section of the Student Kit on Field Placements.

Diaconal/Vocational Mentor

The Diaconal or Vocational Mentor is someone in the area, usually a deacon or diaconal minister, available to meet with the student for an equivalent of 8-9 times during the year, to explore with the student the meaning and practice of diaconal ministry.

There are resources related to the Vocational/Diaconal Mentor in the Student Kit .

Forms related to Field Placement:

The Forms section of the  Student Resources page has some forms you may want to access:

  • Field Placement Covenant Agreement and Acknowledgement of CCS Harassment Policy Form
  • Mid Term Review Process and Form
  • Year End Review Process and Form



The Centre for Christian Studies seeks to be a community of learning characterized by relationships of mutual respect, free from exploitation, harassment, and abuse. CCS has a Harassment Policy (pdf) and a Harassment Advisory Working Group to educate and support the CCS community (including CCS students, staff, and volunteers) on issues around harassment. If you have questions or concerns about harassment, please contact the Harassment Advisory Working Group.

Note: Students, Learning Facilitators, and Diaconal/Vocational Mentors in a field placement relationship are required to sign a form acknowledging that they have reviewed the CCS Harassment Policy.


Volunteer Recruitment Working Group

The Volunteer Recruitment Working Group is tasked with inviting people to share their time and talents with CCS. If you would like to volunteer, or think you know someone with particular gifts to share, feel free to contact the working group.