Continue Learning in 2024

Continue Learning in 2024

A new year often brings a new commitment to growth and learning. CCS has learning opportunities for you!

Ages & Stages 2024
April 10-16

Ages & Stages focuses on Christian Education and faith formation, and ministry with children, youth, adults, seniors, and intergenerational ministry.

Oppression & Resistance 2024
April 18-24

Oppression & Resistance is a social justice learning circle that provides tools for anti-racism, gender justice, decolonization, peacebuilding, and economic justice.

Relationships 2024
May 22-29

Relationships is a spiritual care learning circle focusing on family dynamics, friendship, sexuality, marriages and break-ups, and how to nurture healthy relating.

Learning on Purpose 2024 in Montreal
June 17-28

Our two-week leadership development course comes to Montreal!

In April we will hold two in-person learning circles – Ages & Stages and Oppression & Resistance. Our in-person circle are week-long intensives where those who are interested in deepening their knowledge and leadership/ministry skills can do so in a fun, supportive, challenging learning community. The spring learning circles are held at the Centre for Christian Studies in Winnipeg. Tuition is $820/circle.

In May we are offering Relationships as a week-long online intensive. Like an in-person circle, but you can take part from wherever you are in the country. Tuition is $820.

Learning on Purpose will be in Montreal this year. This two-week course is a great introduction to CCS and a terrific way to deepen your skills, whether you’re a layperson who wants to/needs to step into a leadership role in your church, a minister who wants to reflect intentionally on why you do what you do and how you relate to others, someone wanting to get started on your diaconal education, or anyone who is trying to discern where God is calling you. Tuition is $1725.

The Continuing Studies program at CCS lets you register for learning circles that are interesting to you. You learn alongside Diaconal Ministry students, bringing your experiences and questions into the conversation, taking what you need for your learning and your context.