SC03 Relationships

“In an era of social media and global connectedness, we are also facing an epidemic of loneliness.  I’m excited to see our students take on the challenge of helping people form and maintain healthy, empowering, spiritually-grounded relationships.”

Scott Douglas, CCS Program Coordinator

SC03 Relationships is a spiritual care learning circle focusing on intimate and familial relationships, sexuality and gender, family systems, weddings, covenants, relationship break-ups, and the role of minister as support. It will be an opportunity to look at the big picture of what makes up relationships, and also the small details of how we engage one another . Register for SC03 Relationshps

“The more we look at ‘relationship’ the more we discover just how broad and deep and varying and creative people are with their expressions for different kinds of connections. Considering that presently the church ritualizes only a handful of relationship events, I anticipate some very creative and spiritual explorations of the religious significance of several kinds of relationships.”

David Lappano, CCS Program Staff

Upcoming Dates

  • ONLINE INTENSIVE – May 22 – 29, 2024
  • IN-PERSON INTENSIVE – Spring 2026

Relationships is open to CCS diaconal ministry and certificate students as well as casual students in our Continuing Studies program.

Sample schedule – from 2022


  • Learning Circle tuition = $820 CAD
  • Admission fee (one-time cost) = $55 CAD for admission to the Continuing Studies program, $95 CAD for admission to the Diaconal Ministries or Certificate programs