David Lappano is leaving

David Lappano is leaving


As many of you know I will be leaving my position at the Centre for Christian Studies this summer. 

In 2019 I began the process of discernment for ordination in the Church of England, and I will begin the formal training and education September 2022. Dedicating my attention to the ordination process means I will be unable to continue my role at the Centre. 

I feel so blessed and honoured to have worked at the Centre for Christian Studies. Every colleague has been wonderful, encouraging, hilarious, challenging, and committed to each other’s growth and wellbeing. It’s a truly unique work environment that I will miss dearly and daily. 

I also feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with students, alumni, and volunteers of the Centre these past six years. Accompanying students through their ministry formation ignited the spark in me toward my own ministry calling. Teaching, learning, and sharing with students led to an awareness of my own calling to pastoral and sacramental leadership. While I was nurturing students’ formation for ministry in Canadian churches, they were nurturing my call to serve the church in a new way as well. I thank them for this.

The Centre for Christian Studies has left its mark on me like it has left its mark on you, and I hope and pray that as I enter ministry in the Church of England, I can bring a little bit of what each of you has taught me about being prophetic, being faithful, being open to challenge, being wise, being transformed, being joyous, being creative and adaptive, and being fabulous! 

With love and gratitude,
David Lappano

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  1. Robert Murdock says:

    As you have been my Primary Staff throughout my years at CCS I can only add my voice to many colleagues who wish you much success in your journey. You have shown by the care, devotion, and dedication to the goals of our journeys that you will be well served in the future. Your insights into finding a place in God’s world, the support of your family and friends are all added bonuses that will make this next stage in your life such a joyous time. Godspeed my friend and mentor.

  2. Karen Orlandi says:

    As my first instructor for my externals you fanned the fire of knowledge and got me over that terrible question of was I academically good enough, and then you helped become just that. Thank you for your wit and brilliance and never ending sock choice. You are going to be an amazing priest. Will we can you Father David? As some smart guy said, “Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced.” see you in St. Kitts!

  3. Penelope Cummine says:

    David, many blessings in your vocation to ordained ministry. Your contributions to CCS will be remembered with gratitude and fondness.

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