Prairie to Pine Moves In

Prairie to Pine Moves In

Earlier this month the regional council offices of the UCC’s Prairie to Pine region moved in to Woodsworth House. Prairie to Pine will be renting the three basement offices from CCS. P2P’s administrative support person, Cherry Abad, and Pastoral Relations Minister, Judy Hare, will each have an office, with the third office used for file storage and workspace for other P2P staff members – Shannon McCarthy, Executive Minister; Jamie Mckay, Program Support to the Executive Minister; Twila MacNair, Minister for Young Adults and Youth; Julie Graham, Minister of Justice and Communication; and Heather Dootoff, Financial Admin – when they need it. We look forward to seeing them around the house.

Moving day was a hubbub. CCS’s Janet Ross moved the contents of her basement office up to what used to be Lori Stewart’s office on the top floor, Lori moved her office to the main floor room where the photocopier and office supplies lived, the photocopier moved to the Kay Pearson room where we ate lunch and held staff meetings, stuff from the basement offices that were used by David Lappano and Marcie Gibson when they were in town was moved into an unused office on the top floor, and Prairie to Pine moved all their stuff (from a somewhat larger office space they had been renting in the suburbs) into the basement. Unpacking is still in process.

In preparation for new housemates we had the interior walls painted, so even those offices that weren’t moving from one floor to another had to be packed up to give painters access to the walls. In the process we also took the opportunity to get rid of underused filing cabinets, toss out things that had been tucked away years ago and long-since forgotten, and rearrange furniture a bit. Like spring cleaning, but in the winter, and on a deadline.

I’m happy to say that everyone is where they’re supposed to be, I think. In the new year, once everyone has settled in, we hope to sit down for coffee with the folks from Prairie to Pine to let them know that we’re happy to have them sharing our space.

A few pictures from the painting and the move: