God Who Created the Queer

God Who Created the Queer

Korean Rainbow United is a newly formed network of United Church of Canada for Korean queer people and allies, lay and clergy and their co-creating relationship. Our mission is to unite our voice with the affirming Christian alliances in Korea and beyond, and join in the “RainbowYesu(RainbowJesus)” activism currently struggling in Korea to resist the discrimination, hate and stigma caused by homophobic/heterosexist scripture reading, interpretation and teaching.

CCS student Hyerim Park has recently posted a biblical reflection on Psalm 139 for KRU in association with KREPAS (Koreans working on a Reconciling and Ecclesial Project that fully Affirms Sexual minorities and allies).

“We should love and respect ourselves, because God thinks we are worthy.”

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  1. Ken DeLisle says:

    Thank you fir this. Psalm 139 is one of my favourites. You said a lot in a short time
    Thank you for speaking loud and clear,
    His lives us as are for God created us

  2. Ted Dodd says:

    Great video. Great message. Thanks for sharing this Hyerim. Enjoy your learning this week. Ted

  3. Susan Toller says:

    Hyerim, thanks for your beautiful message that God loves all of Her Creation.


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