Walking together – Integration Year 2019/2020

Walking together – Integration Year 2019/2020

A peek at the 2019/2020 Integration Year circle, gathered in Winnipeg September 16 – 21.

“In integration year, all the pieces are coming together in a supportive way that allows me to let go of the ideas and thoughts I used to cling to desperately and rest in an incredible lightness of being. ” ~Karen Orlandi

“I’m grateful to be part of such an amazing group of folks for our IY. Already I’m experiencing that sense of communal support and exploration. One favorite memory was all the dancing that happened during our student-led workshops on Day 3. ” ~Joe Kadi

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Scenes from the learning circle

“In this season of harvest the image I carry as I enter into my last year, the Integration Year, is that of abundance.  The abundance of learning and work I have completed in the past four years and that which awaits me this school year.  I feel gratitude for the abundance of love and support I have received from family, friends, classmates, and CCS staff.  I think about the abundance of injustice, of pain and poverty present in the world.  I am excited to almost be finished this schooling that I may bring my diaconal faith and ministry practice to those places and more. ” ~Kim McNaughton

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Morning worship walk through Back Alley Arctic.

“We have all dreamed of being in our Integration Year but it always seemed so far away – and suddenly it’s here! In all the joy and excitement of this time, however, I am also thinking of the incredible inspiration and energy that comes with being in Circle. I know I will miss this next year. ” ~Lorrie Lowes

“I enjoyed a wonderful week of integrating learnings and reconnecting with co-learners and staff.” ~Christina Crawford


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