Annual Meeting of the CCS Community

The annual general meeting of the Centre for Christian Studies was held on Thursday, February 18th at 6:00 pm CST (4:00 in BC, 7:00 in Ontario, etc.).  About 25 people from coast-to-coast took part through conference.

The AGM featured worship, designed by Barbara Lloyd and led by gwen McAllister, as well as a brief covenanting with our new Program Staff members.

Janet and the AGM gang at Woodssworth House
Janet and the AGM gang at Woodssworth House
David introducing himself to the conference call
David introducing himself to the conference call

Tim Sale (Finance chair) facilitated a discussion of CCS’s budget and financial records, and a motion to merge CCS’s various bursary funds into one, and to recognize the founders of those bursaries on the CCS website.

Marcie Gibson explained the plans for a review and redesign of CCS’s educational program, and Eric Tusz-King and Ann Naylor led a discussion of the United Church of Canada’s “One Ministry” remit and its implications for the church, diaconal ministry, and the Centre.

Folks in Winnipeg gathered with staff for a potluck prior to the meeting, and another group gathered around a speakerphone in Ottawa.

The AGM was a good time of community, grounded in a shared commitment to CCS.  Thank you everyone you took part.

The Annual Report for the year 2015 is now available. (Opens in a new tab.)

(Last year our AGM was disrupted by a noisy feedback loop on the conference call.  That didn’t happen this year, thank goodness.  Technology.  Gotta love it.)



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