New Library Books

New Library Books

There were a couple of students sitting in the CCS library on their lunch break the other day when I brought in a box of new acquisitions to be shelved.  “Ooh, new books!”  They were drawn to the books like moths to a flame (though hopefully with less potential for getting burned).  There something about a new book.  It’s like finding a secret doorway in the back of the wardrobe leading to a world that no one’s seen yet.

Every once in awhile I like to let you know what’s coming into the CCS library.  If you’re a student or have an alumni/friend library card you might want to borrow some of these, or the titles might inspire you to track down a copy for yourself.  At the very least, this list provides a window into the kind of things we’re interested in here at CCS.

Some of the books recently added to the CCS library:

(As usual, the links to Amazon aren’t intended as product-placement.  It just seems the easiest way to provide more information about a title for those who are interested.)

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