April is the Crunchiest Month

And it’s not just because of the snow that continues to linger on the ground in Winnipeg.

Integrating Year students sit down to lunch with CCS staff
Integrating Year students sit down to lunch with CCS staff

Students in the Integrating Year arrives today for the final learning circle of their program, initiating what could be called “the April crunch” here at CCS: IY students arrive today, Social Ministry Year students arrive for their spring learning circle in one week; the day after that the members of the Central Council arrive for their three-day face-to-face council meeting and strategic planning; that Saturday is the graduation banquet; the day after that is the Annual Service of Celebration where we honour the graduates and one of this year’s Companions of the Centre – Miriam Therese Winter.  After the ASC weekend we might all be tempted to collapse for a nap, but the Social Ministry learning circle continues until the 25th. So much happening in April!

Of course it’s not all toil and work.  With students and volunteers pouring into Woodsworth House, it’s also an opportunity to re-connect and share community time.  Today the IY students and CCS staff sat down for lunch.  We crunch, but we also munch, and that’s a good thing.

If you’d like to leave a word of congratulations to the Integrating Year students who will be graduating the weekend after next, visit the “well-wishing” page and leave a reply.