Getting a Rest, Looking Forward

Getting a Rest, Looking Forward

Principal Maylanne Maybee writes:

I’m writing this on the eve of Canada Day weekend, poised to take the first two weeks of my vacation–with a long list of things to be done before I leave. After almost one full year in my role as Principal of CCS, I think I need a rest, but there’s lots to look forward to when I return:

  • Co-leading the Leadership Development Module with Ted Dodd, August . We have a good line up of students and a great agenda. I look forward to reading and preparing, and above all to meeting the amazing people who have signed up.
  • Fleshing out the details of our 120th Anniversary Weekend, October 11-14, 2012 with Marc and a fine team of volunteers. My summer reading will include the parts of Gwyn Griffith’s book that I haven’t read so I know in more detail what we are celebrating! But more than our written story, I look forward to celebrating our living story in those whose lives shaped and were shaped by CCS and its predecessors.
  • Continuing to prepare for the November consultation about the CCS program with theologians, church leaders, and educators. Our program is a treasure that needs to be shared with a wider constituency, and to be scrutinized and renewed for a new generation. The deep exploration and renewal of our program will be a long term project, but it needs to be launched and I look forward to seeing what will happen in November.
  • Strengthening the partnerships, old and new, that I have been discovering or initiating over the past year – with the United and Anglican Churches at all levels, with other denominational partners and the wider community, with Aboriginal communities, with Foundations, ministry networks, and more.

Even starting to think about these things makes me both tired and eager. So I’d better stop for now, and wish all of you a safe and restful summer with all the elements of Sabbath – rest, celebration, reconnection with family, enjoyment of the created world, study and spiritual renewal. Happy holidays!


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