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  1. The current CCS logo features ‘happy, dancing people.’ In your opinion, does that graphic best portray the Centre of Christian Studies, the essence of its educational ministry and / or the work that is being done and has been done over the years with/for both the ACC and UCC? Yes… no… expand…suggestions…
  2. Within the existing logo is featured the phrase: “living a theology of justice”. In your opinion, does that phrase best portray the Centre for Christian Studies, the essence of its educational ministry… (as in question #1)?
  3. Have you a theme / slogan to suggest for the 120th Anniversary year in 2012?
  4. A “120th Anniversary Homecoming Weekend” is being planned for August, 2012 in Winnipeg. Would you consider attending?
  5. What elements within a Homecoming Weekend would greatly encourage you to attend? i.e. Seminars? Featured Speakers? Meet-n-Greet? Worship celebration? Other CCS-UCC-ACC-related events/activities? Other?
  6. Do you have any comments or suggestions regarding our print publication Tapestry? Do you receive the electronic version? The print version? Both versions? None of the two versions? Which version do you prefer if received
  7. You get the last word: any other comments / opinions for the good of CCS?