Call for short-term programming (continuing education) proposals

The Centre for Christian Studies is extending its programming for theological education with short-term continuing education offerings.


  1. To expand the range of:
    – Geographic venues
    – Leadership
    – Subject matter
  2. To encourage those unfamiliar with CCS to pursue further theological studies
  3. To provide those familiar with CCS pedagogy an opportunity to learn with a participatory, action-reflection model
  4. To provide those familiar with CCS pedagogy with an opportunity to design and lead a program with a participatory, action-reflection design
  5. To extend the visibility of the school

We are seeking proposals for short-term courses from members of the CCS community. You are invited to consider designing, hosting, and leading such a course within Canada on behalf of the college. CCS would provide administrative support and advertising. Criteria regarding the course designs and application information are available on the CCS website. Proposals will be assessed and applicants will be notified of courses that have been chosen to be offered. Applications are due by November 15, 2011.