Pray For Us

Pray For Us

The Integrating Year Learning Circle starts tomorrow as final year CCS students enter their last two weeks before graduation.  Next week Thursday the Educational Ministry Learning Circle will arrive for two weeks of learning.  That Friday (April 1, no joke) the members of the CCS Central Council will be gathering in Winnipeg for two days of meeting.  Then on Saturday is a grad banquet and introduction to the Companion of the Centre – Mary Ellen Moore, followed by the CCS Annual Service of Celebration on Sunday at 3pm (St. George’s Anglican Church, 168 Wilton).  Seriously, for the next three or four weeks, this joint is going to be jumping!

If ever we needed your prayers, it’s now.

The Centre for Christian Prayer Cycle is an invitation for friends and supporters of CCS to keep us in your prayers in an intentional and sustained way.  The prayer cycle focuses on a different part of the CCS community each month (eg. students, staff, volunteers, alumni, etc.).  You can pray for us anything, and whenever you feel like it, but if you’re looking for a day, why not on or around the 26th of each month.  (The 26th of December is the feast day of St. Stephen, one of the earliest diaconal ministers,  and from that the worldwide diaconal community has taken the 26th of each month as a significant day of remembering the gift and the calling of diakonia.)

You can download the CCS prayer cycle from the CCS website or directly from here.

Make a special year-end gift to help
a new student who is feeling
overwhelmed and uncertain.

Deadline: Midnight
December 31!