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Continuing Continuing

What do you do when you were planning to spend a week at the CCS for continuing education, and then the course moves online? For Steve and for Paul, you move with it.

For Lazarus and Us

A prayer by Ted Dodd

“Please Come Home Now”

CCS student Lorrie Lowes was in Zambia when the pandemic concerns about travel ramped up.

A Virtual Camp

During these times of uncertainty due to Covid-19, CCS students Alana Martin (Minister to the GO Project) and Bri-anne Swan (Community Minister, Living Presence Ministry) are doing what they can to keep youth programming accessible for children across the country. The GO Project had been planning to host day camps for children and youth during …

Making the Call

When Ellen Baynton-Walker’s congregation had to decide how to respond to the pandemic, she turned to the CCS Spiral.