Neighbours ~ a good Samaritan story by Annika Sangster

CCS grad Annika Sangster has published a delightful retelling of the story of the Good Samaritan called Neighbours. We recently talked about the genesis of the book and gaining the confidence to share her creativity. Details for purchasing Neighbours are at the bottom of the article.


Neighbours emerged from a Vacation Bible School with a twist. Not just “Bible”, Annika’s church had decided to explore the Golden Rule through different faith traditions. The story Annika wanted to share from the Christian tradition was the Good Samaritan, but she couldn’t find a version that she liked. So she created her own out of plasticine.

“I could see this picture in my head,” she explained. “I wanted [the children] to see the Good Samaritan as a basic person. I made the Good Samaritan an androgynous kind of person, at least that was my intent.”

In the final version, that original image changed characters. “The person I imagined to be the Good Samaritan turned out to be the person who was hurt. I thought the person who was relatable to them was the person who was hurt.”

Annika is a cake decorator. Working with fondant is one of her favorite creative ways of expression. She used that skill and translated it to clay making several images for the story.. Continue reading “Neighbours ~ a good Samaritan story by Annika Sangster”