10 More More Ways to Work Toward Anti-Racism

10 More More Ways to Work Toward Anti-Racism

Two years ago the United Church posted 10 Ways to Work Toward Anti-Racism, and last year we linked to 10 more ways. This year they have 10 additional ways.

Here’s a teaser…

  1. Take tangible actions locally.
  2. Join a community of practice.
  3. Download the United Church anti-racism app.
  4. Explore the priorities of the United Church Foundation.
  5. Explore anti-racism education.
  6. Coming soon! Pick up a copy of I Am a Changemaker, the new anti-racism children’s resource.
  7. Financially support Indigenous-led initiatives.
  8. Read about Leadership Counts!
  9. Review the 40 Days of Engagement on Anti-Racism.
  10. Pray and sing justly.

See the full list in detail HERE.

You might also be interested in the new “Co-Creating Anti-Racist Communities of Faith” online course on ChurchX. It is focused on local communities of faith, and will work towards creating anti-racist practices in congregations.