Black History Month at CCS

Black History Month at CCS

Happy February. The Centre for Christian Studies has a couple of free online events this month to mark Black History Month.

A Celebration of African/Caribbean Heritage in Canada

Monday, February 27th at 6:00 pm CST (7pm in Ontario, 5pm in Alberta, etc.)

Join us for an online community celebration of African/Caribbean cultures in Canada. Our session will start with a worship service, followed by choose-your-own breakout rooms where you can experience and learn about some of the music, cooking, fabrics, storytelling, etc. that are a part of African/Caribbean Canadian heritage. It will be a fun time of sharing and connecting.

This event is free. Please click [HERE] to register.

Black and Diaconal: A Deepening Conversation

Monday, February 20 at 6:00 pm CST (7 Eastern, 5 Mountain, etc.)

Join us for an online panel discussion with some of the Black diaconal ministers and deacons in the United Church and Anglican Church in Canada. (We are taking as a launching point the 2022 interview in Broadview magazine with CCS student Lisa Byer-de Wever, CCS grad Charmaine Bailey, and friend of CCS Marlene Britton.) We will explore how these identities inform each other, the challenges they pose in the church today, and the gifts these perspectives bring for the people of God.

This is a day off for many in Canada, and a good opportunity to engage in thoughtful reflection and spirited conversation.

UPDATE Feb 11th : The video from this panel discussion is now available at Black and Diaconal Panel Discussion