January CCS Friday – Universal Christ through the Lens of Daoism

January CCS Friday – Universal Christ through the Lens of Daoism

On Friday, January 20, 2023 the Centre for Christian Studies hosted an online discussion of the Universal Christ through the lens of Daoism.

Originally from Korea and now serving as a United Church minister in Victoria, BC, our special guest, Min-Goo Kang, tells his own story of finding his path to God through the lens of Daoism. Embracing his roots and heritage in this way opened up space to claim his place in Christianity without leaving his culture behind.

Min-Goo offered these thought-provoking questions for further reflection:

  1. Can scriptures from other religions, such as the Dao De Jing, be part of our sacred texts? How can such inclusion challenge our rituals, including Sunday worship?
  2. Can Daoism help us move beyond interculturalism in which a dominant culture still hinders our transformation – especially if we are part of the dominant culture?
  3. Can Daoism reshape our theologies to be more eco-centric rather than anthropocentric? If so, what will our theologies look like?
  4. Can Daoism help develop our spiritual practices based on the interconnectedness of all things, with more focus on places rather than times?

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