Covenanting Service for New Staff

Covenanting Service for New Staff

Thank you to everyone who attended the Covenanting Service and reception welcoming Alan Lai as new Principal and Alcris Limongi as new Program Staff of the Centre for Christian Studies on Wednesday, November 23, 2022. The service was held at Westworth United Church in Winnipeg and live streamed on the CCS YouTube channel. (See below for a link.)

The Rev. Dr. Loraine MacKenzie Shepherd of Westworth welcomed us and did the land acknowledgement. Rev. Michael Shapcott presided over the service. Michael is an ordained Anglican deacon, Executive Director of the Sorrento Centre in BC, and a co-chair of the CCS Central Council. Alan read a passage from Isaiah in Cantonese and Alcris read a selection from the Gospels in Spanish.

Ken DeLisle, former interim Principal, offered words of encouragement. (Ken began by saying, “I often tell congregations, this is the part where my part is to speak and your part is to listen. If you finish your part before I do, let me know.”)

Alan and Alcris formally committed their gifts and energy to the CCS community, as leaders and learners. CCS staff – Lori, Cheryl, Scott, Janet, and Marcie – committed to support Alan and Alcris, working in a spirit of mutual accountability, trust, and respect. Stacy Stanley Young, on behalf of the CCS Central Council, offered welcome, support, and encouragement. And the larger CCS community – friends, students, staff, and volunteers – committed themselves to support Alan, Alcris and the staff, and the ongoing mission and ministry of the CCS.

Various diaconal symbols were brought to the table by members of the CCS community – a basin and towel representing the traditional diaconal role of service, a Bible representing the role of storyteller and story facilitator, a door key representing the role of welcomer and go-between, and a candle as a sign that God calls all people into diakonia. Alan and Alcris also offered cultural symbols representing their origins in Hong Kong and in Venezuela, which were added to cultural symbols representing the rest of the CCS staff.

Following the service there was a reception with refreshments, including spring rolls and empanadas!

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