Spring 2022 Circles will be Online

Spring 2022 Circles will be Online

So, we pulled the pandemic groundhog out of its burrow the other day and it saw its shadow. Six more weeks of covid!

We’ve been watching the signs, trying to figure out if it will be safe and practical to meet in person for our spring learning circles this year. When we scheduled an in-person spring last year we hadn’t anticipated an omicron variant, and though we’re hopeful that the country will be past the peak of the risk by March and April, CCS staff decided it would be prudent to wait just a little longer before we go back to fully in-person learning circles.

Upcoming circles, Relationships and Power & Privilege, will now be offered as online intensives.  So if you would like to register now that they are not in person, get in touch.  The final circle of the Integration Year will also be online, as will the Annual Service of Celebration.

If you have questions, feel free to email info@ccsonline.ca


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