The Silversmith and the Spiral

The Silversmith and the Spiral

Robin McGauley, is an ordained minister who responds to the Spirit’s call by dedicating herself to being a fulltime artist and silversmith. She focuses on hand fabricating sterling silver jewelry that has spiritual meaning and connection to the natural world. She describes her style as “earthy and elegant.”

Robin is currently working on a collection of sterling silver jewellery featuring ammonite cabochons. Ammonites were marine animals that had a coiled external shell similar to that of the modern nautilus, and so the spiral features prominently in the pieces Robin is creating.

Robin knows how found we are of spirals here at CCS, and so she is donating 15% of the sale of the Ammonite Collection to CCS. The hope is to raise at least $800. (Several pieces have already sold, bringing in $200 for CCS already.) New pieces will be added to her online shop every week until the collection is complete. Robin plans to make several pairs of earrings and about 10 necklaces. Thanks, Robin, for your generosity.

Pieces in the Ammonite collection can be purchased at


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