Donation to 1 Just City

Donation to 1 Just City

One of our annual spring highlights is the chance to gather together in celebration at our banquet. The occasion of honouring the Companion and the graduation class is a chance for our community to gather together – students, volunteers, friends. It’s an evening when all are welcome to come to the banquet.

We won’t be feasting together this year.

This spring, as so many of us are living in increased isolation, seeking to reduce coronavirus transmission, we are acutely aware of the value of connection, welcome and community. With many ministries moving online (like our learning circles) or suspending for the time being, community ministries are still operating in person. These sites of diaconal ministry are finding ways to extend welcome and support vulnerable communities safely, as needs increase. 

The community ministries of 1 Just City in Winnipeg have many diaconal connections, including CCS alumni on staff (Linda Trono is in ministry with West Broadway Community Ministry and Josh Ward is serving with St Matthew’s-Maryland Community Ministry).  These ministries have been generous in welcoming CCS students, and resourcing learning circles.

As we made the decision to cancel our banquet, our thoughts turned to these community ministries, and the increased need for connection and food – and we wondered – how can we transform our loss into something that helps meet that need? A donation supporting local diaconal ministries seemed an obvious choice. Our $500 donation to 1 Just City will help them meet the growing needs in our neighbourhood. We look forward to gathering together in celebration at a future date – we will have many stories to share when we come to the banquet again.