Scholarships for CCS Students and Grads

Scholarships for CCS Students and Grads

Thanks to generous donors, CCS has a few scholarships available for our students and/or CCS graduates pursuing further education. The deadline for applications is April 1. For more information, contact

Gertrude Rutherford Scholarship – A scholarship to further the studies of a graduate(s) of the Centre for Christian Studies, who is proceeding to a Degree in religious education, on the basis of recognized ability and academic standing and financial need. (Application form for Rutherford Scholarship)*

Gertrude Rutherford, 1937

Gertrude L. Rutherford, was the Principal of the United Church Training School from 1934 to 1946. The award is an expression of her concern that more women have the opportunity for postgraduate study, and that the Church have women with academic qualifications in the field of Christian Education and theology to help meet the churches’ needs for leadership.

Dr & Mrs A. J. W. Myers Scholarship – A scholarship fund for post-graduate work in religious studies. Awards can be made to students in the Centre for Christian Studies program who have a university degree or to graduates who are pursuing post-graduate work in religious studies at an institution other than the Centre for Christian Studies. (Application form for Myers Scholarship)*

Dr. Myers was Professor of Religious Education at Hartford Theological Seminary for many years. He is the author or more than 25 religious, historical, and children’s books. He died at the age of 97 in December, 1975.

*NOTE: The Myers and Rutherford Scholarships use the same application form.

New Scholarship!

Kent Presbytery Scholarship – A scholarship of up to $1000 for a United Church candidate who is an active student in the CCS Diaconal Ministries program, with preference given to applicants from rural or small town Ontario, followed by rural or small town students from elsewhere in Canada. (Application form for Kent Presbytery Scholarship )

Kent Presbytery in Southern Ontario supported students from the region with a yearly scholarship. With the restructuring of the United Church and the dissolution of presbyteries, Kent Presbytery made a donation to the Centre for Christian Studies to continue their commitment to theological education.