It’s a Communications Coordinator!

It’s a Communications Coordinator!

Welcome Kimiko!

The Central Council of the Centre for Christian Studies is pleased to announce that Kimiko Karpoff will be permanently joining the staff of the Centre as Communications and Recruitment Coordinator, beginning June 1st.

Kimiko is a graduate of the Centre, and a diaconal minister in New Westminster, British Columbia. Her evocative photography, deft design work and engaging writing have already enlivened our communications work over the last year. Kimiko brings a diaconal multi-vocational skill set to the work and ministry of communications, a commitment to the community ethos of the Centre and connections to Anglican and United Church faith communities. We are delighted to be adding Kimiko to our team!

P.S. She’s pretty happy too!

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  1. Alice Watson says:

    Congratulations Kimiko and CCS! A wonderful relationship for aiding communication with the wider world about justice and education at the centre.

  2. Mary Elliott says:

    Congratulations Kimiko!
    You are a wonderful gift for CCS.
    Blessings on your journey.
    Mary Elliott

  3. Judith Moody says:

    I am happy for you, Kimiko. I pray all goes well with you.

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