Of cookie crumbs and singing!


Of cookie crumbs and singing!

What is more joyful than cookies and music? Gathering with friends to sing together, eat the cookies, enjoy a glass of hot cider and a whole lot of conversation!

Twenty friends of the Centre came together on Friday, December 8 to sing  Christmas hymns and carols, interspersed with breaks for chatting, drinking hot cider, and noshing on homemade cookies.

Thank you to Heather Robbins for piano accompaniment, and for coping with the fact that some of the piano keys stuck.  (We were challenged to think of carols that didn’t include D-sharp or E.  There aren’t a lot!)

Many carols, like “No Crowded Eastern Street,” were sung twice, requested both by those who had to leave early and by those who came later and stayed to the end.

Michelle and Janet were both home sick that day. We missed their presence, but were happy of each other’s company.