Wherever Two or Three Are Gathered

Jim, Mark, and Ann in conversation

Wherever Two or Three Are Gathered

With only two students in the Integrating Year this year, the learning circle is not so much a circle as a line segment.

There are ten new students coming into the CCS diaconal program this year.  At the other end, there are only two preparing to leave.  Jim Hatt and Mark Laird arrived at Woodsworth House today for the fall learning circle of their final year at CCS, the Integrating Year.

Jim, Mark, and Ann in conversation

Jim, Mark, and Ann at the Fall learning circle in Winnipeg

Normally an Integrating Year learning circle is two weeks long, but because it’s just Mark and Jim this year, CCS Program Staff Ann Naylor decided to organize things a little differently.

“It’s kind of hard to break into pairs to discuss something and then come back to the whole group when there’s only two.”

Instead of one 2-week circle in the fall and one in the spring, Jim, Mark, and Ann will be meeting for a 4-day learning circle this week, followed by a series of half-day sessions via Skype, and a 3-day learning circle in November to be held in Southern Ontario where both Jim and Mark are working.  A similar arrangement will be made for the spring, ending with a Winnipeg learning circle in April and their graduation from the diaconal ministries program at CCS.

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  1. Hubert Den Draak says:

    Good to see you there, Jim and Mark (and Ann, of course)! Wish I could be there and catch up with you.
    This post made me appreciate another thing about CCS: the flexibility to turn on a dime and quickly adjust the programming when necessary. May that be one of their hallmarks for a long time to come!

  2. Maylanne Maybee says:

    Thanks Hubert for your commendation of our flexibility! Also creativity – Ann came up with a great alternative design. My only quibble is I wouldn’t say “it’s JUST Mark and Jim” . Rather, it’s a special arrangement for these two stellar students whom we are glad to see! Maylanne.

    • CCS says:

      What if instead of “just Mark and Jim” we said it was “just Mark and righteous Jim”?

    • Hubert Den Draak says:

      No: “Moral Mark and Just Jim”!
      Or if we’re talking about “stellar students”, maybe “Moonshot Mark”, given his baseball leanings? Oh, and of course “Accommodating Ann”, to honour her creativity and flexibility.

  3. Helen Reed says:

    What an wonderful opportunity for all three of you:) I had wondered what was up when I saw the different dates. Enjoy this unique adventure.

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