Diakonia: Epiphany Images of Christian Ministry 2014

Guided Retreat: February 13-15, 2014

diaconal-bannerFollowing on last year’s Lenten retreat at  St. John’s Convent and Guest House in Toronto, this 48-hour experience will explore diakonia through contemplative pondering on the images of Epiphany, paying particular attention to the place of baptism, revelation, and mission as dimensions of our ministry.

There will be time for theological and spiritual reflection, participation in the life of the Sisters of St. John the Divine, including their Daily Office, and for connecting with others within the ecumenical, diaconal tradition.

The retreat is open to anyone wishing to deepen their understanding and practice of ministry.

Led by:

  • Maylanne Maybee, Principal & Program Staff, Centre for Christian Studies, Winnipeg. Maylanne has been a deacon for more than 30 years. She is a writer, speaker and advocate for the Diaconate in Anglican and ecumenical circles. She is also a long-time Associate of SSJD;
  • Ted Dodd, Program Staff, Centre for Christian Studies, Winnipeg. Ted is the first person in the United Church to change ministry designation from ordained to diaconal. He completed a D.Min. in 2008 with a focus on transformational theological development;
  • Sr. Debra Johnston, N/SSJD. Debra was a deaconess with the ELCA Deaconess Community from 1987 to 2000 when she was ordained a Pastor of the ELCIC. She has served five congregations and is currently under special call by the Eastern Synod to serve with the Sisterhood of St. John the Divine.

Begins 4 pm Thursday; ends 2:30 pm Saturday.

Overnight cost: $230; commuters: $120. Deposit for both: $50.

For more information, visit the Sisters of St. John the Divine website.